Preparing For Your Board Meeting

Preparing for your board’s meeting is a crucial task that could be daunting especially if you’re a new board member or don’t have much experience with board meetings. But being prepared for your meeting can ensure a successful meeting with important insights and advice from experienced leaders and strategic counsel. The first step is making sure that the board members are all aware of the agenda and have read the pertinent materials.

The next step is to determine the purpose of your meeting which will aid in shaping your board’s discussion and decision-making. Reviewing the minutes of the last meeting will allow you understand what changes were made and what issues need to be discussed.

Also, be thoughtful when choosing the agenda items for your meeting. Putting the most important subjects first allows your board to be efficient in the course of the meeting and avoid getting bogged down on lesser important topics. Furthermore, ensure that each agenda item is clearly presented as an opportunity to provide information or get more information and not just to make a decision.

Finally, be sure to forward your agenda to the board at a sufficient time in advance so that everyone will have ample time to review and read it. This is especially important for virtual or in-person meetings that require quorum participation. Inspect the members of the executive team responsible for reporting and make sure they have the required materials.

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