What to Include in a Data Room for Investors

Investors have a lot to do on their minds when they’re evaluating your company. The due diligence process can be made more efficient and made more efficient by having all the relevant information in a single place. The way you organize and source the documents can have a huge impact on their accessibility. Any investor or authorized party wants to sift through a bunch of documents that are irrelevant.

What to include in an investor data room?

There are a variety of things you can include in your investment data rooms that will help your company stand out from the crowd and increase the odds of getting your venture funded. In general, you should provide the most relevant information and taking care not to share too much or overwhelm.

For instance, even though it’s normal to include a pitch deck in your data room, it might not be the best place to place the most important information about your product, such as product roadmaps and product-market fit. Instead, you should include a more comprehensive roadmap slide in your data room, which outlines your roadmap over a defined period of time and contains the most pertinent details for each step.

It is also possible to add a bio section for your team in your data room that highlights more than only your founders. This can provide a more comprehensive overview of your team’s strengths, value and tenacity as well as highlighting the amount that each member owns. It is possible to use this space to add better resumes of your team members, and even include a reference section on premises vs off premises database for customers to show how much you care for your customers.

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