Smartrooms Solutions for Hospitals and Other Facilities

Smartrooms are a great option to improve the occupant experience and increase operational efficiency, whether you manage the hotel, hospital or office building, a military housing complex, or an international network of facilities. Smartrooms integrate with your existing systems to create a seamless experience that makes it easy for guests and owners to connect, manage and control all from one device.

Smart rooms enable guests of hotels to make reservations through one app, like ordering breakfast in bed or booking a masseuse in the hotel for a massage after completing a workout. Smart rooms also provide owners with a wealth of information regarding guest needs and interests that they can use to improve their services and marketing efforts.

Energy-efficient, smart hotel technology reduces operating costs and help meet environmental regulations. Smart lighting, thermostats, and other equipment automatically adjusts depending on occupancy. They also provide an efficient way to save power.

In hospitals in hospitals, a private 5G network is an ideal choice for smart rooms that require high definition videoconferencing that has virtually no lag. It also supports up to ten times more devices than alternatives. This network that is scalable can help you achieve the speed, security and control that are required for the digital evolution of healthcare.

Smartrooms also gives you the ability to work from wherever you’d like and on any device, using an online data room with the most efficient features you’ll never find elsewhere. You can mirror and sync all of your SmartRoom contents to your desktop, making it easier to work anywhere. You can also share external documents, facilitating communication between the various parties.

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